Ted Lasso

Title: Ted Lasso
Released: 2020
Rated: TV-MA

For those that don’t know I play soccer….. and who knew that Jason Sudeikis would help to make one of the greatest soccer shows ever!!!!!

So this series is about a man named Ted Lasso who was hired by the manager of an English Premier League team – the problem is Ted only knows about American football and not soccer (or football as it’s known in Europe and the rest of the world!)
He tries to be a good coach to his soccer team AFC Richmond. He learns and grows from the experience which is good for him and Coach Beard. They get help of the assistant coaches Nate and Roy Kent (former player of AFC). I really love this show because it’s so heartwarming, it’s really funny, and talks about what it takes to be a good coach and of course it talks about why mental health is so important as well.
I’m going end with a quote: I believe in hope, I believe in BELIEVE!!!!!
You can find Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

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