The One and Only Ivan

Title: The One and Only Ivan
Released: 2020
Rated: PG

The One and Only Ivan is a Disney+ original movie based on the true story and chapter book with the same name. This film came out in August, just one day before my foot surgery. I watched it as a recovery movie one week after surgery and all I can say is that the movie version was pretty good!!!!!!!

If you have ever read the book or heard of the story, you know he was locked up in a shopping mall with a few other animals as part of a show for animals. He didn’t realize that he had a talent for art until a little elephant named Ruby comes in.  It was then he realized all of his friends needed to be free!!!!!!!

I also thought that this was a sort of reunion for the voices of Ivan and Murphy because they are played by Sam Rockwell and Ron Funches who were the voices of Hickory and Cooper in Trolls World Tour …..

The ending song for the movie Free was sung by Charlie Puth – who made a pretty great song for the film.