Title: TrollsTopia
Released: 2020
Rated: TV-Y7

Trollstopia is the brand new DreamWorks Trolls series that takes over from the TV series The Beat Goes On and continues the story after the movie Trolls World Tour!!!!! The 2D animation is updated just a little bit (like they added more shadow to the characters), and there are some other updates that I thought that were cool. The new show is on Hulu and Peacock while the old show was on Netflix – so that’s another change but that’s okay!!!!!!!

This new series starts out a few months after World Tour, and at this point all the tribes are united but Poppy thinks It would be an amazing idea to create a new trolls community called TrollsTopia where trolls from Rock, Country, Techno, Funk, Classical, and Pop could live in harmony together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly we don’t get to see the leaders we met in the last film Trolls World Tour like Barb, Delta, King Trollex, Trolls Art, or Cooper’s parents.  Instead we meet delegates from each tribe like Val Thundershock, Holly Darling, Synth, Lownote Jones, and Dante Crescendo – who are all amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

I was happy to hear the voice actors from The Beat Goes On return for TrollsTopia – specifically Amanda Leighton and Skyler Astin as everyone’s favorite (now Trolls couple) Queen Poppy and Branch! Ron Funches is another favorite who returns as the voice of Cooper.

Anywho I hope you guys check out TrollsTopia!!!!!!!!!

I recommend watching it for some awesome songs and laughs. I hope there is a season 2 because the show is that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!