Trolls World Tour

Title: Trolls World Tour
Released: 2020
Rated: PG


Spoiler alert – we’re going to talk about stuff in the movie!

Trolls World Tour is the long awaited sequel to one of my favorite animated movies: Dreamworks Trolls. The sequel takes place four years after the first movie came out back in 2016. Anywhoo, since we last saw Poppy, Branch and the Snack Pack in 3D format, Poppy is now the queen. We learn at the beginning of the movie that Branch wants to be more than best friends with Poppy. They both find out they are not the only kind of Trolls, and there is a string for 6 types of trolls and their genres of music like Funk, Classical, Techno, Country, Pop, and Rock.

This definitely doesn’t sound like the biggest Marvel film Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, does it? But it’s Trolls haha!!!!

Poppy and Branch set out to unite all the trolls to stop Queen Barb from taking all the strings and turning everyone into rock zombies. Their adventures go from getting put in jail after singing a pop melody at Lonesome Flats, to meeting Cooper’s funk family. We find out Cooper has a twin brother named Prince D.  at that point we actually hear the real story of why the trolls separated.

I had a lot favorite parts of this film (soooooooo many) like the first movie, but two of my favorite scenes include the “Perfect for Me” scene – after Poppy and Branch have a big fight and go their separate ways, Branch starts to sing a sad love song about Poppy. This was inspired after hearing Delta Dawn’s song. There is a point where Poppy sings with him, and they sing about how they love each other because they are different. This part I felt like I was going to cry! The second scene I loved was the ending song “Just Sing”. It showed different styles of music can bring people together with inclusion because it doesn’t matter if you are pop or funk you (can be both). We don’t have to be just one thing and that’s why I love this sequel so much.

After the last song Poppy and Barb do become friends, and Poppy confronts Branch to tell him that she loves that they are different. Branch responds to declare his love for her. & she told him she loves him back. In the end, Poppy learns that communication is important, that inclusion matters, and that you can’t harmonize alone.

I recommend watching this film when you need a party.  I also recommend this incredible soundtrack that you can listen to for like 1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird stuff in the movie: 

  • Barb’s ships look like giant Angler Fish. They can swim, drive and fly
  • The Rock Trolls can talk and breathe under water
  • The Techno Trolls live in the water but float in the air when on land
  • Biggie instantly cleans up from his cotton candy mess in the balloon, with zero time to get showered up
  • Branch wears his hug time bracelet on his left wrist except during “Perfect for Me” when he wears it on his right wrist
  • Mr. Dinkles has a death wish, apparently
  • Watch the bats coming out of the bathroom, because it’s pretty funny
  • We are still wondering about Dickory, and where he had to be for the majority of the movie
  • The smooth Jazz Troll scene shows Branch and Poppy eating sushi.  In real life, Dreamworks is down the street from Yoshi’s in Oakland, where they serve sushi and play jazz. My parents can’t help wonder if there is a connection.
  • Cooper’s poop-cake is the first confection out of his butt that we see getting eaten in the movie
  • Sadly, the “Hug Life” tramp stamp tattoo from Trolls Holiday didn’t make it back somewhere in this movie.
  • Branch and Poppy look pretty sweet as Rock Troll zombies (Who’s ready to get rippin’ tattoos everywhere but our faces in case we still need office jobs??!!!?!?  And who’s ready to party, but without smiling?!?)

I’m going to close this out on a positive note. I’m positive you’re going to love this movie 😉

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