Trolls Holiday

The Trolls are back to find the Bergens a new holiday!

Let’s start with how after the first movie, the Trolls are now Best Bergen Friends (BBFs) with the Bergens in Bergen Town. Poppy sends Bridget cards of their different Troll holidays, and Bridget gives Poppy cards too, but for each day of the week because after they lost their one-and-only holiday Trollstice, the Bergens have no other holidays to celebrate.  In the morning, Poppy scares the crap out of Branch and tells him of her plan to give the Bergens a new holiday.  They ride the Caterbus with Cloud Guy, where they get to sing Love Train (and that’s all before the starting credits finish).

There’s a lot of fun singing about different holidays the Trolls have, and after much wow, Poppy has to double-down or go home. Bridget just wants Poppy to go home.  When Poppy finally realizes that Bridget is upset, she has to leave broken-hearted.  Branch searches for Poppy and starts to sing a medley of songs in response to Poppy’s complaints.  Poppy gets annoyed by Branch’s singing but realizes (OH MY HOLY REALIZATION) that she wasn’t listening to Bridget.  Bridget and King Gristle find a holiday to celebrate after all.  Trollabration celebrates the friendship the Bergens have with the Trolls.

People who posted on the DreamWorks Trolls facebook page weren’t excited.  They were like “ugh, this is the worst movie ever, this isn’t much of a special”  and made angry faces in their Facebook comments about the inappropriate humor and stuff.  Well, I say if you can’t take a Troll ripping his pants off, or the whole double-down speed round scene, then you shouldn’t have watched the first movie where they pooped out cupcakes and served them. Did I mention that Guy Diamond is completely naked in both films?   Get over it people! Maybe it’s time to get a HUG LIFE tattoo or something.

My favorite part of the film:

“You see what I did right there, Chad? That is how a king gets things OH!”
“Very impressive sir!”

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