Frozen II

Title: Frozen II
Released: 2019
Rated: PG

Frozen II is a sequel to the 2013 hit film Frozen, and it was amazing just like the first one. This was our Thanksgiving day movie at the theaters for last year.

Frozen II had some great things about the movie that were amazing. We all know the plot of the movie is that Elsa hears a voice and so the gang heads to the enchanted forest to find answers and the truth. So on this journey Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff have to overcome things that can be important.

We get to hear Kristoff sing a song called Lost in the Woods and it’s all about how he feels about Anna and wants to make his relationship to work out with her. It’s important to know that because boys don’t talk about their feelings. In other Disney films it’s always the Princess singing or talking about their feelings, and you never hear the Prince’s feelings.

Speaking of princes… You know how in other Disney movies there’s that thing where the prince tells the princess to stay back and handle it? Well Kristoff is not one of those princes. Kristoff is the guy that lets Anna do whatever she needs to do to save people, and Kristoff follows and supports her decisions. One important line in the movie is when he tells her that his love isn’t fragile. That was a lot wasn’t it?

Well, lets talk about another amazing song… This time it’s Anna’s song called The Next Right Thing. It’s not a catchy up-beat song like Into the Unknown that Elsa sang at the beginning of the movie. It’s a sad song. The song takes place at the end of the movie. Anna is in a cold dark cave and doesn’t have anybody. I heard from other reviews of the film that Anna’s song can be a mental health anthem, and I agree with that. The song is about feeling alone and how you want to give up; but you don’t give up and keep on going even when the journey is hard.

Now I am going to tell my favorite part of the movie! It comes from our favorite snowman Olaf, before his song When I’m Older. Olaf is wandering the enchanted forest calling out for Elsa, Anna, Sven, and ?Samantha? I was like, who the heck is Samantha? (right!?!) – that was so funny, and that’s why it’s my favorite part.

Frozen II was amazing. I recommend listening to the soundtrack and watching the movie. Look for Frozen II on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 25, 2020!!!

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