Title: UglyDolls
Released: 2019
Rated: PG

It can’t get better than UglyDolls. This movie is all about how you don’t have to change or be perfect to fit in the world.

The movie was so great! I think my favorite scene from the movie is when they sing Couldn’t Be Better because it’s such a catchy song to start off the movie. It’s a positive start before it sorta goes really dark for a little bit, then back to being really positive by the end of the film.

The music is amazing – like the end credit song Broken & Beautiful and another really great song from Why Don’t We called Don’t Change talking about how you don’t have to change. There were a lot of amazing stars that got to be in the film from Kelly Clarkson to Lizzo, Pitbull and a bunch more celebrities you may know. I really recommend watching UglyDolls and listening to its soundtrack!!!!!!

Oh and one last thing – I’m making a shout-out to my buddy Rachel who is having a baby girl and naming her Moxie!!!!!

Here’s me at my high school graduation celebrating with Moxie – “Choose the path you want and take it. If you don’t fit the mold, doesn’t matter go on and break it!

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