Title: Trolls
Released: 2016
Rated: PG

Trolls can’t stop the feeling! This is the second Dreamworks movie this year after Kung Fu Panda 3.

In this musical comedy there is a troll named Poppy who is the happiest of trolls. She loves to sing, dance, and have hug time but another troll named Branch won’t do any of the things that Poppy does.  He continually prepares for anything leading up to a Bergen attack.   Branch is always grumpy because he lost his true colors when he was little and was singing for his grandma.  The sound of his singing led a Bergen to them.  She saved Branch from the Bergen, so that’s why he became so grumpy.

When a Bergen discovers their Troll town, Poppy tries to make him happy on an adventure to save the other trolls from Bergen town.  After saving everyone but Creek they must enlist the help of Bridget, a Bergen with a hopeless crush on the king.  The trolls transform Bridget from a maid to a Bergen beauty.  When Bridget is re-introduced to the King she says “I think you look phat P-H-fat ooooooh”.


King Gristle replies “Hot lunch! Total honesty from a total babe. Who might you be?”. She tells him her name is Lady Glitter Sparkles.   He asks her out for pizza and roller skating , and if she would be his date to the trollstice, a holiday held each year when the Bergen eat Trolls.  It is the only day they can feel happy.

The trolls find Creek, but discover that he will betray the other trolls by revealing their hidden location.  With Poppy’s stolen cowbell and Creek’s help, the Bergen are able to catch every troll. As they wait for their fate in a serving dish, every troll except Branch loses their true colors.  It is only then that Branch can sing a song to get Poppy’s true colors back.  Branch reveals his love for Poppy, and gets his true colors back too.  Branch tells Poppy that she has shown him how to be happy, that happiness is inside all of us. but that sometimes you need someone to help you find it.

The trolls are able to help King Gristle discover that Bridget is really Lady Glitter Sparkles, and that makes each of them happy.  Poppy, Branch and the other trolls sing a song called Can’t Stop the Feeling to show the Bergens there are other ways to be happy.   Poppy and all of the trolls are able to return to Troll town. Poppy says as the Queen, she declares hug time is now all the time.  I loved not only the music but also the message that happiness is in all of us; it’s just that sometimes we need someone to help find it.


There is a really great interview about the Trolls movie on the 89.3 KPCC Take Two site

Poppy isn’t just about being a princess because it’s a nice title, she’s a natural leader.

“She is a fantastic leader and it’s great that she spends time doing that and not obsessing in the mirror, who’s got time for that?”

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