Central Intelligence

Title: Central Intelligence
Released: 2016
Rated: PG-13

Central Intelligence was a funny movie, because The Rock and Kevin Hart made it funny.

At the start of the film, Bob Stone is bullied for being different, and for being fat, which is sad.  A group of bullies drag him naked from the showers and throw him into an assembly at the gym where the whole school is seated. Calvin helps Bob by giving him his jacket to cover up so he can walk out of the gym. Years later Calvin is working as a accountant when he finds Bob Stone fit and strong.  Bob needs Calvin to help him in his CIA mission.

Bob has to face the bully from high school, who is still a bully.  He walks away but stands up for himself at their next encounter.  The real surprise at the end is when Bob finds his high school crush Darla (Melissa McCarthy).

The best message from this movie: remember to Always Be You

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