Doctor Strange

Title: Doctor Strange
Released: 2016
Rated: PG-13

Doctor Strange is the new Marvel superhero film. The movie was okay… it wasn’t as great as Guardians of the Galaxy; but Doctor Strange had some cool powers like that realm power he has. Before Doctor Strange had those great time powers, he was a surgeon who ended up getting into a car crash.  He broke his hands and ruined his career as a surgeon.  He is taken under the wing by a sorcerer named The Ancient One, who showed and taught him how this magic worked and used to try and defeat this evil sorcerer but by the end, Doctor Strange had the ability to alter time.

Doctor Strange has a photographic memory, which he uses to learn the mystic arts. Doctor Strange uses an amulet that has an infinity stone, and a cloak that sometimes has a mind of its own.

The movie wasn’t as good because it was kind of like Inception meets Transformers.  There was a lot of reality bending, but there so much going on it was hard to keep focus on the parts that you were supposed to follow.  A couple of times it’s like he got caught in a kaleidoscope.

The final battle with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension was also kind of weird.  Doctor Strange uses the amulet to create a time loop to imprison Dormammu until he can bargain the safety of earth.  The problem is that only Doctor Strange is in the time loop because it’s only him that keeps regenerating. Dormammu is outside of it because his reality continues without looping.  I think Dormammu could have walked away from Doctor Strange and just left and done whatever he wanted.

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