I Feel Pretty

Title: I Feel Pretty
Released: 2018
Rated: PG-13

Sorry that it’s been a while since I last updated.  This year has been crazy for all of use, and to make it up here is a new review of I Feel Pretty,  After being in quarantine and dislocating my finger, and healing from a foot surgery….. I have been watching a lot of movies. I Feel Pretty is literally the first Amy Schumer film I got to watch!!!!!

Let me just tell you this that the movie came out 2 years ago in 2018 and so in the movie Renee is the character Amy plays .

So Renee just doesn’t feel confident in her weight or anything to do with her body because she feels like she is not active enough to have a boyfriend or not confident to apply to her dream job to be a receptionist. Renee falls at her spin class and after waking up she feels beautiful and confident but she will realize in the end…..she was just being herself and learns your weight or body doesn’t define if you are beautiful or not!!!!!!!

It’s all about being yourself because you are beautiful on the inside and out!!!!!!!! I realized after watching the film I felt related to Amy’s character in so many ways like I got teary eyed and realized I am a little bit chubby myself and I didn’t feel really beautiful at all because I just felt fat like who would want to date a chubby and disabled young woman like me or even hire me if I ever decide to work!!!!!!!!!! But just like Renee I realized it’s all about who you as a person and not about your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!