Captain America: Civil War

Title: Captain America: Civil War
Released: 2016
Rated: PG-13

Captain America: Civil War was cool.  I really liked all of the fight scenes and battles.  But how did this war between Cap and Iron Man begin, you may ask? It all starts because the agency wants to control the superheros.  Cap thinks that superheros should be free, but Iron Man disagrees – which is weird because he’s the one guy to does what he wants all the time.  The rest of the Avengers need to choose what side they will be on.  We get the first look at Black Panther (who is awesome!) and the new Spider-Man (who mostly just hangs around).  Ant-Man makes a big appearance in the film.

During one of the battles, War Machine is hurt badly and has to recover in the movie.  I am glad they show that even superheroes can be hurt.  It’s hard to fall down but you have to get back up again.

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