Alice Through The Looking Glass

Title: Alice Through the Looking Glass
Released: 2016
Rated: PG

Alice Through the Looking Glass was the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Alice needs to save the Mad Hatter, and must go back in time to save the Hatter’s family. There are good parts of the story.  We find out why the Red Queen ended up having a big head and being a jerk. She is actually endearing after you learn about her, but it also makes the White Queen out to be a bit of a self-centered jerk.

The film introduces a new character who personifies time.

  • Time is kind of like Gru from Despicable Me, but with transformer steampunk minions.
  • Time likes to play with his personification.  “If you are asking for a bit of my time, aren’t you asking for a bit of me?”
  • Time says he is a friend to no man, but is also dating the Red Queen.  Friend to none, but Friend with Benefits for one?
  • Time is a jerk.  Alice can do six impossible things before breakfast, but Time says changing the past isn’t one of them.

If you set time aside (yes, that’s a pun), then for a sequel it ends up being pretty good.

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