Beauty and the Beast

Title: Beauty and the Beast
Released: 2017
Rated: PG

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s live action remakes.  This movie totally reminds me of my teacher Ms. Mair and how much she loves little goats. If there was a Gaston in her life I would totally defend her.

If you don’t know the story already, Belle gets taking prisoner by a beast.  Belle starts to see the good in him with help from the magical characters Lumière, Cogworth,and Mrs. Potts.  I liked the film because they included the songs from the original version but added new music.  They also did great on the CGI of the beast and the others.

LeFou was really funny – during Belle’s song 3 women gush over Gaston, but get mud thrown on their dresses by his horse.  LeFou is very protective of Gaston, and walks up to say “It’s never gonna happen Ladies“.

Here is a picture of Ms. Mair with her goat, and without her chickadees: