Finding Dory

Title:  Finding Dory
Released: 2016
Rated: PG

I waited 13 years for this movie to come out! That’s how long it has been since Finding Nemo came out in 2003!

When I saw Nemo with his little fin I just fell in love with the movie’s story line and its characters. I was excited to go to the premiere of Finding Dory.  

It was worth waiting for the new characters. Hank, Destiny, and Bailey were funny. Dory’s parents were so nice – that they supported Dory and believed in her. The sea lions were funny.  What I liked most about the film was how family does not get left behind.  My favorite part of the film was when Marlin told Dory what he felt about her. He described how from the day they met,  her ability to take action and have fun changed his disposition during their journey finding Nemo. He wouldn’t have found Nemo without her help.  I liked Marlin’s response when Nemo said “What would Dory do?”.  While Marlin and Nemo were trying to find Dory, there was nothing I did not like about the film!

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  1. What an awesome review! I cannot wait until I go back home so I can see it!

    Keep up the good work Natalie…SMUAH!


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