MOOSE: The Movie

Title:  Moose
Released: 2015
Rated: Not rated

Moose: the Movie was funny.  My dad’s friend Chad Carpenter writes the Tundra Comics series, and wrote this script for film. This is his second movie after Frost Bite.  The story is held in Alaska where two park rangers Zack and Mike, along with an assistant librarian and camera lady Samantha try to find the murderer who is killing like 16 people.  What they find is a legend and a Moose monster.

People are getting killed all over the place, but they die in mainly gross or funny ways.  The town Gangrene Gulch is crazy.  There is a mime convention, a spiteful and full-of-spit land pirate, a conspiracy-theory munchkin, squirrel hunting brothers, rednecks who get the job done, and a whole bunch of hippies who become moose fodder. There are a bunch of puppets. There is a fancy puppet server at the restaurant, and a puppet cook who is also the town coroner.  There is a lot to watch on the screen.

The only way to kill the monster and end its curse is to fight it, but there is a surprise at the end.  The townspeople who survive are able to celebrate by grinding up what remains of the monster and serving it as burgers; but that may just be the beginning of a moose-zombie sequel.

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