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I want to break from movie reviews to tell you about my friend Rachel and her company Pride Socks.

Pride Socks sells vintage styled shirts, hats, tutus and a whole bunch of rainbow socks that are awesome.  Our family has about a billion socks, 11 t-shirts, and one trucker hat. My dad really likes the socks but my brother Gabe keeps stealing them from him.   I just met Rachel this year at the SLC Pride event when we were out with my family.  My mom took us so we could see her again – my mom and dad met her about 4 years ago at the same event.

Rachel takes orders online and travels all year long, even at Pride Day events in the USA. She is really good at posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Here is what Rachel said in an interview with Quirkie Kids

“Pride Socks is about empowering people to realize their self worth, to be proud of who they are and to chase and accomplish their dreams. We want to help people recognize and acknowledge their accomplishments. Sometimes life is not easy and everyone has to overcome obstacles to chase dreams and reach their goals. We want people to take pride in that, be proud of others and together, we can all do amazing things.”

I agree.  My disability is not who I am. If someone asks, I can say that I am an inspiration.  I am a soccer player.  I am a cyclist.  I am a blogger.  I am a student.  I am loved.  Rachel inspires people with positive words and encouragement, and I like that.  I am proud of who I am and my past. I am an advocate for epilepsy and seizure awareness, and started the Purple Dash 5k, with my mascot PEEP the purple penguin.

Saving the best for last… I’m a model, you know what I mean? (I am one of the Peeps rocking the t-shirt Livin the Dream on her website.) I love that she calls all of her fans “peeps” like we do for our Purple Dash 5k.

When you buy from Pride Socks, you can tell them that Natalie (aka Purple Steel) sent you. 😉

Our family meets Rachel at the 2016 Pride event in Salt Lake City


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