Ride Along 2

Title:  Ride Along 2
Released: 2016
Rated: PG-13

Ride Along 2 is about Ben, who wants to be a detective.  To prove himself he convinces his future brother-in-law James to take him to Miami, Florida in order to question a lead for an Atlanta case.  While protecting a computer hacker,  he goes on a foot chase that ends up in a chicken coop, he eats disgusting nachos from the garbage, is almost get eaten by an alligator, but also finds the murderous kingpin of a Florida drug ring.

I think they picked the right people to play the characters in the film. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart fit the two leads perfectly.  Ken Jeong is really funny but always plays crazy characters.  I think my favorite part was when AJ was in the back of the car and kept asking James and Ben about how Ben was going to marry James’ sister.  Did the sister look like James?  What did James think of Ben getting sexy with his sister Angela [make-out noises]? 

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